On Saturday, we launched a huge new update to the app store which includes an “Essentials Finder” to help support our users during COVID-19. Our team is updating links daily to help you locate difficult to find essentials, wherever they’re available online!

On Sunday, we launched our first Care Package! Creating thoughtful gift boxes in-house has always been of interest, but it has been secondary to our mobile app.

With the pandemic & social distancing, we’ve all been looking for ways to help. Our care package contains essentials & other goods primarily sourced from small businesses in LA that are at risk of going out of business.

Each original box contains:
– Hand-sewn reusable fabric mask, made in LA
– Artisan chocolate, made in LA
– Boutique 3 oz soy candle, made in LA
– Boutique safety matches in glass, made in LA
– 12 oz of liquid hand soap with aloe vera, olive oil, and an essential oil blend

Proceeds go to nonprofits supporting COVID-19 relief efforts


We have some exciting updates coming soon, so stay tuned!