Having a birthday during a global pandemic is no fun. We’re all practicing social distancing or quarantining ourselves at home, but thankfully you can still make your little one’s birthday special this year.

Celebrating a birthday can be an uplifting time even in the midst of so much stress and uncertainty. A pandemic birthday will likely be one your child never forgets, so let’s make the most of it!


Ideas for throwing a special birthday, despite social distancing

Virtual celebration

Zoomin’ is Boomin’! Invite family and friends to a big Zoom party or coordinate different Zoom calls throughout the day.


Birthday Party Parade

(Courtesy of Brotherjoe Ramirez)

Sometimes we forget that we’re still allowed to drive around and see the people we care about! You can follow social distancing orders but organize a small birthday parade to have the parents of your child’s friends drive them through your neighborhood just to sing happy birthday and say hello from a distance. This is our favorite idea!


Food Delivery

With restaurants closed to dine-in patrons and in consideration of all the cooking we’re doing at home, consider ordering your child’s favorite food for delivery so you can both take it easy and enjoy!


Distribute a Wish List

Create a wish list on Amazon, then distribute to your friends and family for easy gift giving! As the gifts arrive, you can sanitize and wrap them so your child will still be able to enjoy opening their gifts.


Disney + Subscription

It’s no surprise that Disney + streaming doubled their subscription base (to over 50 million users). If you don’t have it now, please just try to imagine every.disney.movie. for your kids! Yes, every single one. The modern movies, the classics, and even the originals that the classics are based on!


Let your Child Plan the Day

It’s their special day, help them plan it out to their liking, and maximize the fun! How would they like to spend their day, start to finish?