The spreading of misinformation is something that pervades all of humankind, but in this age of the internet – it spreads faster than ever before.



When we came across this image, we knew something was off

Clearly the creator had an agenda, so we decided to go to work and do our own research on why someone would say a cloth mask (recommended both by the United States FDA and CDC) has a 0% chance to prevent the spread of a virus.

First we performed a google search

We were disappointed to find that the image was everywhere. Personal social media accounts, professional blogs, even some legitimate healthcare companies have shared the fake infographic in their blog and have spoken of it as a fact.

On Twitter there are thousands of shares of the image, but that’s where we began to find hope – many have questioned the image and requested sources. Of course nobody has been able to provide any sources to back up the image, and that’s when we decided to create our own graphic complete with sources.

We headed over to Adobe Stock to see if we could find the illustrations used in the fake infographic and sure enough, we found it –



Next, we tried finding “Varsoy Healthcare”

Quite unsurprisingly, they’re almost non-existent online and once we found their website – it’s not even secure. We quickly realized it’s a shell website and with a little more digging, we found out it belongs to a company in India that manufactures masks.

So it was really that simple –

A manufacturer of medical masks in India created an infographic with false information in order to stoke fear over DIY cloth masks as DIY cloth masks have been cutting into their sales.

This company utilized bots on social media to spread the misinformation and it didn’t take long for it to be picked up by regular people, who believed it, and then continued to spread it without ever researching the “healthcare” company behind it.


Stop the spread of misinformation by fact-checking everything you read online before you share with anyone.



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