Many of us are adjusting to a “new normal” where the home has become our 24/7. Everyone is trying to help our communities in the best way possible. 

We see a lot of focus on “essential” shopping and essentials are important. They are the base of our daily life. Yet, essentials only satisfy our basic needs. 

What about our basic joys?

It’s easy to slip into a feeling of negativity during these difficult times. Whether it be for yourself or a loved one, sending a gift could be just the pick-me-up we need. Gift-giving could be an easy way for us to encourage one another. 

Help bring new joy to someone’s day. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a thoughtful gift might be worth ten thousand. 

Here are some great gift ideas to encourage a special friend or loved one who are sheltering-in-place. 


Bath Bombs

How often do you get the opportunity to take a bath? Now may be the only chance. Take advantage of your time at home and make what used to be a mundane routine into an hour-long affair. Ease your stress into bubbles instead of a wine bottle. Or maybe do both. 

You can’t go wrong with Lush’s bath bombs. Listening closely for their satisfying fizzle sound when plopped in hot water is a treat on its own.



We are all probably slowing down Netflix as we speak with our constant binge-watching. Shuttered doors create a perfect reason to cuddle up on your couch and watch every episode of The Office for the 12th time. Elevate your Netflix nights with a projector so that you can have a theater experience at home.

Projectors are much more affordable than they used to be, so it’s an experience anyone can afford. When it comes to shopping for the right projector, “lumens” is key. The higher the number, the brighter the output. 3000 lumens is good enough for any dimly lit room. Any lower, and you might need to invest in some blackout curtains.

The BenQ TH585 is an excellent starter projector for home entertainment. With 3500 lumens, you can leave the lights on and still enjoy the show. It comes with two HDMI ports so you can switch between your favorite streaming box and gaming console at the click of a button.


Nintendo Switch

It’s been three years since the Nintendo Switch was released, and people are still having trouble finding them in stock. With games like Mario Party and Overcooked, the popular game console provides fun for the whole family. If you are one of those stuck at home with kids running around, this might be just the thing to keep them occupied. Add on the Ring Fit attachments or Just Dance 2020 to make your game nights a workout as well. You can even take it online to socialize with friends virtually. 


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Read the book that started it all. Being at home all day could be the perfect excuse to start your spring cleaning. Gather some inspiration by tidying expert Marie Kondo. This might be the only gift that encourages you to throw things away. 


Baking Set

Whether you are a seasoned pro or first-timer, we are all spending a little bit more time in the kitchen than usual. Take advantage of the extra time by perfecting your dishes. You can elevate your kitchen game with a baking set from Circulon

Baking is an exact science with a flair of artistry. Without the right tools, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Circulon’s 10 piece non-stick steel bakeware set received perfect scores in performance and ease-of-use from, so we have it on good authority that it’s a solid choice. 


Pull-Up Bar

Exercise is hard to come by when you are relegated to the indoors. You tell yourself you’re going to start doing virtual Zumba classes or try out the 100 pushup challenge. But maybe you just aren’t vibing the online setup, or you can’t find motivation.  

The doorway pull-up bar is an easy way to incorporate some workouts in your day. See it as you pass through a door and do a quick set. It’s a daily visible reminder. 

The Perfect Multi-Gym Pro is best-in-class. It’s the only doorway pull-up bar with door frame guards, so you don’t have to pay out of your security deposit for damaged molding. 



Many people are taking advantage of their spare time by learning a new language or picking up a coding class. Sounds cool, but does it sound fun? Not really. It seems very practical. Think about picking up the guitar while you’re at home. 

The Taylor GS Mini is 7/8ths of the size of a full-size guitar, perfect for smaller hands or beginners who have a tough time getting their hands shaped for a chord. 

However, don’t be fooled by its smaller size. The Taylor GS Mini packs a punchy sound that many forget its a travel size guitar. 

Plus, the durable, plushy, signature-beige case that comes with this guitar makes the Taylor GS Mini a great value.

Are you overwhelmed by the vast amount of resources on Youtube? Check out Fender Play for a more guided curriculum with a professional guitar teacher.


Vinyl Player

Do you feel like your home is a drab? Add some color with some music. 

There’s nothing like playing an old record while you chill at home. You appreciate an album’s storytelling magic a little differently, disrupting you with a flip of the vinyl midway. 

However, these days, you see turntables everywhere from coffee shops to your hipster friend’s bookshelf.  

U-turn turntables add a bit of uniqueness to their build. Grab some attention in your living room with their minimal design, transparent base, and expressive woodwork. 



All that carbon dioxide you breathe out can give you a headache. Also, homes can have 12 times more air pollution than the outdoors due to all the paints, furnishings, and building materials. That isn’t good news for all of us at home 24/7.

Rather than subjecting yourself to the city sounds from an open window, pump in oxygen the old fashion way: a plant. Plants also naturally purify the air of any harsh chemicals.  

Dracaenas are great starter plants for those who naturally lack a green thumb. They don’t require direct sunlight and are naturally drought resistant. 


Air filter

Not a plant person? No problem. Molekule’s air filters will make you feel like you are living in 2050. Their patented PECO technology destroys pollutants 1000 times smaller than a traditional HEPA filter. Even viruses! Not a bad thing to invest in right now…



Wearing a pair of slippers can make the coldest house a little cozier. 

Mahabis are stylish slippers meant for the work-from-home professional. The comfy soles provide a nice cushion between your sensitive feet and your bare wood flooring. Also, the wool lining is perfect for warmth in the winter and breathability in the summer, so you never have sweaty feet again.


Wine Subscription Box

There’s no better time to join a wine club. Bring the tasting room to you with a curated wine subscription box. 

 Most wine subscriptions use an algorithm to match your tastes, so there’s not much of a difference between the online services. They all essentially offer the same package and the same price of around $80 every two months. 

Our recommendation. Find the best deal for first-time subscribers. Right now, Firstleaf is a great starter box with its 50% first-time discount.


Care Package

Are you looking to help out small businesses? We just launched our care packages filled with niceties that support LA businesses. A small gesture can go a long way.


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