Looking for gifts to spruce up your new WFH reality? Look no further – Our team has curated a list of our favorite products to help motivate us while working from home.

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Nespresso Machine $114.99

Save yourself time and the trip to Starbucks each morning by brewing fresh nespresso capsules right from home. I received this nespresso machine as a gift for Christmas in 2018 and I use it every.single.morning. (plus some evenings)


Echo Plus $99.99

Currently on sale for 33% off, the Echo Plus includes all of the standard Echo smart home features as well as premium sound and a subwoofer.


Haworthia Succulents $23.99

Spruce up your desk with these attractive succulents. If the the gorgeous planter and stone isn’t convincing enough, just gazing at these haworthia succulents is undoubtedly a great stress reliever for your office setup.


Leather Wrist Rest Set $19.96

After wearing through several keyboard wrist rests & mouse pads, I went searching for a product that would last. The problem was that the gel would always move and my wrists would end up resting on the desk without any support, while the mouse pads would become very dirty and discolored… I’ve had this leather set for over a year now – none of the gel has moved & the mousepad is easily cleaned because it’s PU leather! Still in love with this set.


Leather Workstation $26.99

With the stay-at-home order, my wife is working from home now too. She doesn’t like wrist rests and mouse pads so this roll-up leather workstation was perfect for her to set down and have a mouse pad wherever she’d like to work in our home.


Rain Laptop Stand $42.45

Aside from a very sleek design and elevating your laptop, the Rain Design laptop stand actually was engineered to improve upon the ergonomics of typing – Believe it or not, typing on your keyboard while it’s on your Rain stand is actually much more natural feeling than typing on a flat surface!


Beginner’s Plant Collection $65.00

As we spend more time at home, we realize how nice it is to have live plants. Hopefully no one is talking to them yet, but it’s OK to name them. This beginner’s collection from Bloomscape consists of some of the most durable and easy to take care of house plants!


Thinking Eggs $55.00

Looking for something with both form & function? This thinking egg set has consists of 4 different materials with varying weights and textures. My favorite is the lava stone – which do you think yours will be?


Wooden Desk Speakers $99.99

If you’re not one for headphones but enjoy jamming to music throughout your workday, these wooden desk speakers will take your desk sound to the next level! Not to mention they’re incredibly beautiful, would you just look at them!


Samsung Curved Monitor $219.99

The day I switched to a curved monitor, I realized I could never go back to flat. I use a multi-monitor setup at my desk and having curved makes a huge difference. It was a little strange at first working in spreadsheets, but I got used to it and now I love it. Personally, I have 32″ curved monitors, but truthfully they’re a bit too large.


Bluetooth Headphones $79.99

These headphones come with a nice hardshell travel case, 3.5mm aux cable for traditional listening, micro-usb for charging, and a noise-cancelling feature. I’ve used these on airplanes and they are the real deal! On a full charge, they last for well over 20 hours of listening.


Concrete Desk Planter $33.25

Looking for a pen holder AND succulent planter? Look no further. Now you can have your favorite miniature succulents near you all day as you WFH.


Shiatsu Massager with Heating $49.99

If I said I really enjoy this product and am glad I test many of the products Giftata recommends, that would be an understatement… I often work 16 hour days at a desk and frequently catch myself with terrible posture. Working so much at home, I haven’t gone for a massage even though I know I should – Now I can’t go for a massage because we’re all stuck at home during covid.. This massager is a total game changer!