“It was the holiday season and I scoured the internet in search of the perfect gifts for my parents and siblings. I wanted to be thoughtful and give each of them gifts that made them feel known, but in my search for the perfect gifts, all I came across were general categories like “for her”, ‘sponsored’ recommendations, paid ad placements, and flat out tacky gifts.

Jose and I founded Giftata with the belief that unbiased product recommendations should be available in an instant, and we should never have to sacrifice our privacy to obtain them. With Giftata, you’ll know your data is safeguarded and never sold. Some call us crazy, we call it trustworthy.

Together with your help, we’ll bring joy back to giving and receiving gifts.”

Jake Fowler, Founder & CEO @ Giftata


Feeling Known

There’s no better feeling than being known. You know, that feeling when you’ve barely just opened a gift yet you’re already imagining how your routine will change now that you’ve been given that specific product. You might even think, “Wow, they know me better than I know myself!”


Thoughtfulness begins with intentionality, and finding great products should be simple. We’re too busy to spend hours researching trends and what’s popular, and we shouldn’t be overwhelmed with a never-ending ‘recommended products’ feed.

AI Reminders + Curation

We built Giftata to automate all of our gifting by sending reminders ahead of every important date throughout the year, and pairing them with our product recommendation engine that uses AI to provide a handful of data-driven gift ideas with more granularity than ever before.

Unused Gift Cards

Over $3 Billion worth of gift cards went unused last year. Gift cards unfortunately are not the answer to better & simpler gift giving, but with your help we can all bring joy back to giving and receiving thoughtful gifts!